Mike on the bike

Mike on the bike
Mike! on ya bike

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Albany not Orl-bany....... (Follow link to next blog-Bremer bay)

Albany... yes a very nice place (why do I feel like im always saying that!) We came here for a 2-3 night stop but have stayed 6 days. We are at Middleton beach which is lovely when the sun is out and the wind drops off, none of which have seen much since we arrived. We have had quite bad weather considering the time of year. Saying that though we have managed to get out for a walk on the beaches and take in the views and sights. The skies have been clear and the days much warmer for the last 3 days. Albany should be called Boulder city with all its huge rocky boulders appearing out of no where. It looks quiet cool in some instances. The locals have painted a colar on one rock in the town center and called it Dog Rock. Pip and i have enjoyed howling at it each time we pass which is quiet frequently. We also took a look at the old Whaling station, very well done and even a bit gory! We drove out to the Gap, natural bridge and the blow holes. The colour of the water here is just like turquoise bay almost looks artificial but very welcoming for a swim. (So Trudi I said a big hello to the beautiful beaches for you at your old stomping ground). There are heaps of families with kids travelling about at the moment, more than usual so pip is enjoying that. She has also learnt to play Ping Pong (rainy days in the better parks gets you a games room with snooker table, ping pong, and a very nice -well used by us- heated spa). Anyway here are some pics of the beautiful ORLBANY hahahaha. OMG i just tried to down load pics for u guys BUT apparently Ive down loaded my quota?????? so no pic anymore!!!!! ughhhh I will endeavour to find away around this very disturbing discovery, stay tuned....
Ok ok ok what a nightmare.. it has taken me hours to do what should have been seconds i'm sure. I had to start a new site so please follow this link to http://caravanastanpart2.blogspot.com/  hope to see you there, let me know if you have problems!

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